I've finally made progress on my efforts to enter the cybersecurity area of IT. I believe the specialty of cybersecurity will be a hugely important segment of business to support the information technology segments of business. This will become a critical selling point and potentially a strategic business advantage for corporations to brag about. The ability of businesses to prevent, detect, and respond to digital threats in the emerging hostile landscape is only beginning to come together. This new threat landscape is way more sophisticated than just scanning for infected files. There are massive 'Ransomware as a service' resellers on the dark web right now. They are building capital and using their pirated gold so they can become more powerful and sophisticated to be able to get away with even bigger booty. The nature of these nefarious businesses, or more accurately syndicates, is that they are dynamic and rarely stick with a single identity for very long. Branding is taking a back seat to collecting money. Once these organizations get large enough I imagine their branding will last longer as they become more powerful. This ever changing landscape is exciting and terrifying.


...more to come.